Penny Ruth (surname unknown, Ruth is her middle nameEvil U: "if Ruth wasn't my middle name, it'd be Ruth-less") is the niece of Inspector Gadget. She and her uncle may be related to Gadget Boy though this is unclear.

She is a terrifying genius who with her computer-book can pretty much commandeer any form of technology. She has a wrist watch that shoots a laser beam that can instantly cut through a steel door. Often she simply allows herself to be captured by MAD agents since to use her weaponry against them would result in their deaths. This probably means she's a sort of pacifist.


While her uncle was named John Brown and she MAY have been named Penny Brown (please confirm) in the live film, this clashes with the canonicity of the cartoon series where the Inspector's 2 parents have the surname "Gadget" implying that this is his actual last name.

While referred to as "Inspector Brown" by the Gadgetinis in the spinoff series, that does not necessitate that Penny's surname is Brown, nor would Gadget's surname actually being Gadget mean that hers is, since she is his niece.


Original series

"Inspector Gadget", began 1983

Episode 1

"Monster Lake"

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